Is the Water in Your Home Contaminated?

Is the Water in Your Home Contaminated?

Schedule backflow testing in Rockledge, FL

Backflow is what happens when dirty water flows back up your pipes and contaminates the water you use for drinking, cooking, bathing and washing your clothes. How can you tell if your plumbing system has a backflow issue? Hire DiLago's Plumbing Services, Inc. for backflow testing. We offer backflow testing and other plumbing services in Rockledge, FL and the surrounding area.

Our plumber has been in the business since he was 19 years old. He knows how a plumbing system should work. He'll use top-notch equipment to test your plumbing system to determine if you have a backflow problem.

Don't risk drinking contaminated water. Call 321-537-0991 right away to let an experienced plumber perform a backflow test at your home.

Regular backflow testing is a smart idea

While you're taking care of other home maintenance tasks, add backflow testing to your list. It's important to keep your water safe and sanitary. A simple backflow test can let you know if your wastewater is running in the right direction.

DiLago's Plumbing Services offers accurate backflow testing to homeowners all over Rockledge, FL.